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Vahaa Technology

Award winning smart hydroponics in properties

Revolutionize urban food production with our IoT-powered cultivation solutions. Empower individuals & businesses to grow fresh food anywhere, sustainably.

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Grow Year-Round
Soilless Farming
Smart Tracking
Remote Control
Easy Maintenance

Vahaa Technology - Features

IoT based platform connection to indoor hydroponic plants growth optimization

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Vahaa Plant Care

Harness real-time data for personalized plant monitoring and recommendations. Stay proactive with timely alerts and predictive insights for optimal yields.

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Vahaa GrowLight

Optimizing light spectra and intensity tailored to each plant type and growth stage, ensuring maximum growth potential and yield

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Vahaa CloudConnect

IoT connectivity with cloud-based services, offering remote monitoring, control, and over-the-air updates for enhanced efficiency in hydroponic farming.

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Vahaa ClimateEngine

Monitor and regulate environmental conditions to optimize growth and maximize yield potential


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Retail product

IoT-powered & award winning smart garden empowers urban dwellers to cultivate their own fresh produce with AI-powered mobile app

Impact Gardens

Turnkey Urban Farming Solutions

Urban farming is made easy with our turnkey solution - a streamlined network empowering businesses to establish and manage their own farms effortlessly


 Cloud-based green technology

Vahaa App
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Control your smart garden over the internet

Track your growing journey, and get notified!

Environmental detection system

Auto Day/Night configuration for optimized growing

AI-Based Growing Assistant for growing journeys


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Grow For Good

Developing customized sustainability projects with workshops and training programs

  • Empowerment

  • Skill building

  • Income generation

  • Education

  • Community wellbeing

Vahaa educational instutions
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