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Affiliate Program

Share new generation agricultural experience with your followers and support a sustainable future.

Generous Commission Rate: Receive a 10% commission for each Vahaa Smart Garden sale.

Special Discounts: You can enable your followers to purchase Vahaa Smart Garden at a discount code through the link we will provide specifically for you.

Real-time Tracking: Keep tabs on your earnings instantly by logging into the dashboard we'll set up for you.

Cookie Duration: We retain your followers' cookies for the preceding 30 days after they click on the link you shared. This ensures that your earnings are credited, even if your follower makes a purchase at a later time.

Discount Code Tracking: When your followers make a purchase using the discount code you shared, your earnings will be credited, even if the transaction occurs through a different sales channel.

Free Products and Gifts: Free products and exclusive gifts for both you and your followers.

Considering the innovative nature of our product, we propose establishing an affiliate partnership with you, believing it could capture the interest of your followers.

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